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A Trip to the Greenmarket

Posted by: JC Food on Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

This summer, we had the great pleasure of attending GrowNYC’s Wholesale Greenmarket Buyer’s Tour. We rolled into the open-air market outside of the New Fulton Fish Market in Hunts Point, NY at 6:00 am to meet our local farmers and experience the “fruits of their labor.” We were positively giddy over the sight of colorful cases of fresh produce displayed all over the lot. Finally, we have the ability to purchase an array of locally grow items in the quantities we need and in an efficient and reliable manner!

GrowNYC's Wholesale Greenmarket

GrowNYC's Wholesale Greenmarket

As we wandered around the market we chatted with the guys of Glebocki Farms in Goshen, NY. We had visited and purchased from this farm previously and were already familiar with the exquisite quality of their produce. However, it was nice to see them again and be assured that we would be able to easily procure their fragrant herbs, tasty tomatoes and vibrant eggplant again this fall.


We met with Ron Kipps of the Elk Trails Ranch. He told us about his Natural Angus Grass-Fed Beef. We discussed our options of cuts and quantities. Ron is a very interesting and sweet man!


Also notable were the Rottkamp brothers of the aptly named Rottkamp Brothers Farm in Glenn Head, NY. These fine men invited us to taste their freshly harvested corn. We were simply blown away by the sugary sweetness of the raw kernels. Oh man, was that good! We had to purchase a case right then and there. Our families ate the sweet stuff for days!

greenmarket-4 greenmarket-5 greenmarket-6

The highlight of our visit was meeting and speaking with the great Robert Lewis, co-founder of the Greenmarket and largely responsible for bringing the open-air markets back to NYC. We had an extremely informative and inspiring conversation with him about city planning, infrastructure and the effect that this has had on our city’s food system. Mr. Lewis enthusiastically complimented us on our efforts to bring locally grown produce into schools. What an honor!


Chef Nancy’s Homemade Granola

Posted by: JC Food on Wednesday, September 15th, 2010
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In JC Food schools, one of our most popular features at lunch is our fruit and yogurt bar. Part of its great appeal stems from the nearly unanimous love for granola! Our executive chef, Nancy Burgos-Jackson, wanted to capitalize on everyone’s adoration for the rolled oat. So, she sought out the opportunity to pack extra nutrients into this sweet escape while simultaneously decreasing the sugar content. Our talented girl was able to do just that. She developed a recipe that includes whole grain oats, quinoa and wheat germ for protein and fiber, all-natural apple juice concentrate, cinnamon and natural vanilla extract for sweetness and flavor and sunflower seeds that provide a rich source of vitamin E and potassium!

Chef Nancy & a BIG bowl of her granola

Chef Nancy & a BIG bowl of her granola

Her homemade granola can now be found in many of our beloved yogurt bars. Students and staff are gobbling up the nutritious goodness almost as fast as Nancy can make it!

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