Chef Marc’s Homemade Pickle Project

Posted by: JC Food on Monday, April 25th, 2011
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Chef Marc has created a new pickle recipe for JC Food schools that is sure to please all of our enthusiastic eaters! Not only is this pickling recipe delicious, it is also low in sodium and low in sugar!

These pickles are a wonderful accompaniment to many dishes served in our schools, such as our grilled veggieburgers, hamburgers, wraps and sandwiches. They also have that great crunch we all look for in a pickle! We are so crazy about this new pickling process that we wanted to share it with our readers.

Salad Chef Evelyn with Fresh Kirby Cucumbers

Salad Chef Evelyn with Fresh Kirby Cucumbers

We start by slicing fresh Kirby cucumbers into spears, chips, sandwich stackers, or extra thick chips.

Cutting the Cucumber Into Spears

Cutting the Cucumbers into Spears

Assistant Berta Skillfully Slicing the Cucumbers for Pickling

Assistant Berta Skillfully Slicing the Cucumbers for Pickling

Then, the pickling liquid is made, and the cucumbers are placed in the liquid to marinate for about 3 days. Then they are just right and ready for our students to eat!

While cucumbers are notorious for being pickled, our chefs have pickled other veggies too, such as our zucchini chips (which are quite amazing), beets, carrots, and cauliflower!

These homemade pickles are just another dish that help us keep our commitment to serve healthy and nutritious lunches!

For more information on our pickling process or for our recipe, please feel free to contact us at

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