Summer is Here…and so are Veggie Infused Smoothies

Posted by: JC Food on Monday, July 11th, 2011
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When the sunshine emerges like it has this summer, not many people can deny the desire for a delicious frosty treat! Something creamy and sweet, like ice cream or even a smoothie, might not be the healthiest choice when reaching for something refreshing, but we have found a way to take smoothies to the next (nutritious) level!

What’s our secret to a super healthy smoothie? Infusing them with nutrient rich vegetables, delicious organic yogurt, and natural honey!

It all started with the first smoothie we introduced in some of our JC Food schools. The Kale “Shamrock” Smoothie recipe was created by Veggiecation, a nutrition education program that is helping students in our schools and across the county to grow their love of vegetables.

The Shamrock Smoothie is made with fresh kale (kale is packed with nutrients such as Vitamins K, A, C, and fiber), bananas, organic yogurt, honey, and ice. It was even dubbed “the best smoothie ever” by one of our students, where they powered through 20 gallons if it!

Veggiecation's Kale "Shamrock" Smoothie

Veggiecation's Kale "Shamrock" Smoothie

The Shamrock Smoothie was such a BIG hit with our students, the Chef created two more veggie infused smoothies to add to the rotation!

The first smoothie adaptation is a delicious “Carrot Orange Creation”. We start with freshly peeled carrots, which contain carotinoids that protect us from heart disease, and beta-carotene to improve our visionĀ  (especially at night). We then add freshly squeezed OJ (which of course is full of Vitamin C), organic yogurt, honey, and ice. The ingredients are blended together to make a “creamcicle-like” treat!

Fresh Carrot Orange Julius! Yum!

Fresh Carrot Orange Creation! Yum!

This next smoothie is sure to make anyone go “how did they think of that!” Our amazing “Beet Smoothie”. Beets are quite the super food! They contain antioxidant carotenoids like the carrot, but also has betanins, which provide anti-inflammatory effects and detoxification in our bodies. This helps to protect us from cancer and heart disease.

The recipe starts with peeled and steamed beets, then blueberries, bananas, organic yogurt, honey, and ice are blended, to create this masterpiece of a smoothie!

Our Super "Beet Smoothie"

Our Super "Beet Smoothie"

What kind of smoothies will you be enjoying this summer?

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