Clever Passover Recipes

Posted by: JC Food on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011
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During this Passover season some of our great chefs flexed their culinary muscles in more creative ways than ever before. Not stopping at the traditional holiday fare of Matzo Brei and Chicken Soup, they did some thinking outside the Matzo box.

Matzo Tilapia Oreganato

Matzo Tilapia Oreganato

In place of the breadcrumbs that constitute an oreganato, Chef Tom crushed up Matzo crackers, seasoned it with Italian herbs and topped moist filets of tilapia. The texture was incredible and the dish positively delicious!

Porcini Matzo Polenta Cake

Porcini Matzo Polenta Cake

Chef Paul did a fanciful play on polenta when he substituted crushed matzo bread for cornmeal. The process required him to gradually stir the matzo into a boiling vegetable broth. He then folded in some chopped porcini mushrooms. Pouring it into a pan, the mixture needed some time to firm up. In the meanwhile, Chef prepared a wild mushroom ragu that was bursting with flavor. Once the dish came together at just the right consistency, the polenta-like cake was cut into slices, gently warmed and topped with the scrumptious sauce. Vegetarian and omnivores alike went wild for the imaginative recipe!

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  1. Dear Blog,
    Thanks for that, Keeping kosher with recipes for Passover and other kosher food recipes is a great way to stay connected to your Jewish heritage while instilling religious values in your children. But if you’re looking to feel even closer to the old country, chances are it’s going to involve some Yiddish. Read on for some classic Yiddish words and phrases relating to food, including words that have become common among English speakers.
    BTW great blogpost

  2. Gwenelda says:

    It’s rlaely great that people are sharing this information.

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